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I am a general practitioner, psychotherapist and occupational physician.

In my practice, I offer a broad range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of various physical and psychological/mental complaints, conditions, diseases and disorders, such as 
stress and stress-related disorders, burnout, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, ADHD, psychosomatic complaints etc.

General medical services and advice on occupational medicine round off the practice’s range of services.

Consultations and therapies can also be carried out online -via skype, WhatsApp and other online channels. In this way I am able to treat patients who live outside the region or abroad or aren’t able to visit the practice for other reasons.

Any time-zone possible around the globe.

Treatments are based on the latest medical knowledge and always follow a holistic approach. Based on a comprehensive anamnesis, an accurate diagnosis and a detailed advice on treatment options we create a treatment concept, which is tailored to your individual needs and situation in every aspect.

Any questions happily any time.

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Stress is a normal part of life;

Burnout and exhaustion is not !

Although the term itself is rather negatively connoted, stress is not necessarily always negative - positive stress, so-called eustress, can be a positive force in life, promote motivation and increase attention, concentration and performance in a healthy way.

In our fast-moving time and society, however, it has now become normal for us to experience too much stress, often to be permanently exposed to it, and not to reduce the stress at regular intervals and with suitable “pressure - limiting - valves”.

Growing demands, such as in terms of training and work, double and triple burdens, conflicts, chronic lack of time, the urge, always to perform all tasks in private life and work as quickly and perfectly as possible and to be constantly available, inner and outer pressure to perform, harmful beliefs and other factors (internal and external stressors) cause to many people permanent stress, which can overly impact mental and physical health over time.

Too much stress and too few recovery periods make you sick and have negative effects in different ways.

Possible symptoms that can occur as a result of persistent stress include, for example:

Internal restlessness, the feeling of exhaustion and overstraining, bad mood, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, difficulty concentrating, inability to switch off, restlessness, nervousness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headache, dizziness, tension, back pain, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and circulatory problems, loss of joy, loss of ability and wish to communicate, loss of libido and many more.

In addition, chronic stress increases the risk of various diseases over time.

How lasting stress affects the mental and physical health varies greatly from person to person. If the stress remains unprocessed, no stress reduction is performed, and the stress-inducing situation and attitudes towards the stress-inducing situation are not changed, it can come to a burnout - a state of physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion, which leads to difficulties and final inability in coping with life.

Burnout does not develop overnight, but rather gradually and in several phases, characterised by various symptoms. Many people, after years of overwork and overwork, reach the point where the battery is simply empty and they feel exhausted and completely drained.

The duration of the phases, how exactly they express themselves and the symptoms that occur, can vary considerably from person to person.


The treatment of symptoms that arise as a result of chronic stress, burnout or other stress-related diseases is always created individually - an overall solution that helps every person equally well to recover, reduce stress and to process it, does not exist.

Everybody is different, everyone has different stressors and stress-processing mechanisms, so the therapy has to be individually adapted in every respect.

As part of the therapy, it is u. a. to uncover internal and external stressors and possible wrong or harmful belief systems, to find stress reduction measures and the path to a balance between stress and relaxation, to discover stressful situations and attitudes towards them and revive inner resources and to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

The therapy can be composed of very different building blocks and will be worked out together as soon as we have exactly grasped the initial situation.

Possible starting points and therapy modules are talk therapy and counselling, psychotherapeutic procedures, dream - ,breathing - and body - work, improvement of own stress processing strategies, learning of better time and stressor management, relaxation exercises, physical exercise, nutritional adjustment and other measures that help to adapt your life - styl, herbal active ingredients, drug therapy u. a.

As an occupational physician, I can specifically support patients who have suffered from stress-related conditions and illnesses in creating a new work situation or in adapting the existing work situation and returning to work.

Tele - therapy, Online Therapy, Online Care

Initial discussions and ongoing therapies can also be made online via Skype, WhatsApp and other online channels. In this way, it is possible for me to also personally care for patients who live outside the region or abroad, who travel regularly or for other reasons can not come personally to the office.


Anxiety disorder

The term "anxiety disorder" summarises various disorders whose common basis lies in an exaggerated sense of anxiety.
Every person occasionally feels anxiety. Feeling anxiety and stress and related symptoms is quite normal; usually, these sensations disappear when their causes or anxiety-causing situations are removed. In an anxiety disorder, however, the feelings of anxiety do not subside but persist, and the anxiety and the associated mental and physical symptoms are so severe that they can affect the everyday lives of those affected in different ways.
There are different types of anxiety disorders, including u. a. Panic disorders (characterised, among other things, by recurring panic attacks, often occur in combination with agoraphobia, i.e. the fear of the outside world), phobias (fear of certain situations, objects, activities, etc., e.g. social phobia (feelings of fear in different areas), claustrophobia (fear of staying in confined spaces), acrophobia vertigo, etc. and generalized anxiety disorders.
The possible causes of an anxiety disorder are varied, often it is a combination of various factors that leads to the development of an anxiety disorder (ongoing stressful events, physical illnesses, personality factors such as traumas in childhood etc.).
The therapy depends entirely on the type and severity of the anxiety disorder and the exact individual starting situation. Whether panic disorder, social phobia or generalized anxiety disorder - for each type of anxiety disorder, various treatment options are available (e.g. psychotherapy / behavior therapy, dream, respiratory and body work, systematic desensitisation, exposure methods, lifestyle- modifying measures, drug therapy, etc.) and there are also many things that you can learn and apply as a person concerned for yourself.
After a comprehensive medical history and a well-established diagnosis, we look together at what path and with which treatment approaches and measures it is best to treat the anxiety disorder
and sustainably reach the point at which not the fear controls you but vice versa.

Tele-therapy, Online Therapy, Online Care

Initial discussions and ongoing therapies can also be made online via Skype, WhatsApp and other online channels.
In this way, it is possible for me to also personally care for patients who live outside the region or abroad, who travel regularly or for other reasons can not come to the office.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to inquire either by phone or email.

Online-Counselling, Teletherapy

As a doctor and psychotherapist, I am pleased that I can offer my patients alternative or supplementary to the care in the office in Bad Aussee/Austria my counselling and therapies online - after consultation, initial discussions, a first consultation and ongoing therapies online via Skype, WhatsApp or others Online channels are held.

How the therapy of psychic imbalances and illnesses is shaped and how many sessions in which interval are useful/necessary, is individually very different and depends on the type and extent of the complaints/illness, their cause(s), any accompanying illnesses, the personal circumstances, ideas and possibilities of the patient and other individual factors.

In some cases, a few brief interventions may be sufficient, in others, multi-session therapy or longer treatment.

In today's fast-moving time and society, apart from everyday professional, private and other tasks, it can be an additional challenge to go to the doctor / therapist as part of a therapy (regularly).

Be it because you are under time pressure, the journey is too long or appointments would fit well only in the morning before or in the evening after work, which in turn may be associated with other circumstances.

Through online channels, I am also able to provide personal care to patients who live outside the region or abroad(any time-zone), who travel regularly, who are under time pressure or for other reasons can not come into the office.

In terms such as "talk therapy" or "psychotherapy" many people probably still have the classic image of a couch or a therapy chair in mind ... a setting that is no longer the only possibility in this day and age.

As a doctor and psychotherapist, it is important to me to create a conversation and therapy setting in which the patients feel well, save and in good hands. And in this context, it also plays an important role, that in the context of a therapy is not regularly confronted with geographical and/or temporal hurdles.

Through online therapies and channels such as Skype and WhatsApp, I can personally look after those patients who are unable to come to the clinic due to geographical and / or temporal factors or other circumstances.

For further information and questions about online counselling and online therapy / teletherapy, I am glad to hear from you.

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Dr. med. univ. Peer Eifler 

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